Dynamic freelance graphic designer / illustrator with 10 years of experience in print and web design. Highly motivated, very gutsy, creative, and always looking to push myself trying new styles, keeping up with new technologies and finding new challenges.

While designing band merch, gig posters and skateboard / snowboard stuff really started it all years ago, SterioDesign is always more than happy to work in all styles and on any kind of projects. From corporate to conventional or contemporary to traditional. I pride myself on being efficient, very versatile, can emulate most style and always the utmost of professional. My goal is to bring your vision to life and make sure your project gets the right professional creative treatment it truly deserves.

You can go through my portfolio and checkout some of my best work from the last few years. Just click on the specific category you want to checkout below.

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Sebas Theriault

Creative Director :: graphic Designer

Growing up and all my life I definitely heard a lot of things like “how the hell did you possibly came up with that?”. I guess being insanely passionate with art, sports, music, movies and coming from a small place in the middle of nowhere where I had to get creative to get things going probably had an impact on who I am now. I remember back in the days a few of my good buddies and I would always draw random stuff, fake publicities, comic strips, ninja turtles, ghostbusters, video games stuff, etc etc. A sticker job on my skateboards, snowboards or guitars was never randomly done but preciselly calculated. In class we'd always be drawing in our books and in our friend's agendas, ultimately 3 of us became graphic designer... stay in school kids!

After graduating in 2006 in Graphic Design at the CCNB in Dieppe, New-Brunswick, I worked for about a year in a Business IT firm before going full time freelancer and never looked back. Then before I knew it I was working with clients all over the world. Also had the chance to work and meet bands that i grew up listening to and also met pro-athletes that I looked up to as a kid. It’s been an exceptional adventure so far and i plan on keeping the ball rolling.

Also developed exceptional social skills and leadership from playing and coaching sports, playing in various bands and making numerous motivational or design related presentations in schools. Usually a one man show, I thrived and enjoyed working with 3D artists, illustrators, photographers, programmers and video editors.