It's a go !

Gooday people! I am extremely happy to finally launch my new SterioDesign website

My thanks goes out to my good buddy Denis Babineau from Rock & Load, who's hosting this thing and did all the programming, basically he made it happened! I simply can't thank him enough for all his time and patience, actually i'm furiously applauding every single programmers out there in admiration, you guys are nuts! Oh by the way, wanna hear a joke!?! Eight bytes walk into a bar. The bartender asks... “Can I get you anything?” “Yeah,” reply the bytes.  “Make us a double.” HA!  ................ alright I gotta admit I googled it and I just don't get it at all... but you programmers do!

I just can't believe how much work it was to put this thing together, from decisions on the design / navigation, then to go through all my projects from the last few years and decide what to put up, write a descriptions for all of them, make new mockups for each projects, etc etc. Of course my priority was my clients so my site was put on the backburner for really long stretches, so that's why it took so damn long. But the wait is over now, Boom!
I'm gonna try to post new projects and new blog posts as much as I can so that there's always new stuff to look at, so come often and I hope you guys will enjoy my stuff. Booya!