This is one of my favourite concept so far. The band wanted to somehow demonstrate the struggle of balancing all aspect of life while being in a band.

So I created this giant 3D cube maze where all sides represent a specific aspect of life. The dirt side represents the health in which if you don’t take care of it enough, it will basically die or never fully grow to it’s full potential.

The iron side represents the structure established by society in which you basically have to follow a certain life path like going to school, finding a partner, getting a job, buy a house, have children etc etc and it also represents the laws you have to follow. Almost everyone uses the same structure but just like a building, you can make it look the way you want on the outside but it’s the same rigid structure on the inside. And if the structure is not strong, even if it looks good from the outside, it could collapse at any time even if it looks great. I guess this could also be a commentary on social media where everyone is trying to make their life look amazing online but that they are truly not happy in reality.

Then the brick side represents your hobbies, its something you build yourself, brick by brick in order to build something bigger than yourself.

So basically it’s a representation that you got to balance all aspects of life in order to succeed and it can certainly feel like a maze at times and it’s possible to fall off track if you’re not careful with your decisions.

Fun fact. Fullcount always put a “3-2” hidden somewhere in their artwork and there’s obviously one in this one. If you get this album look for it.